Urgent Care Addition

Urgent Care Additional at the Fargo VA Medical Center

Located: Fargo, ND VA Hospital

Owner: Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Contract Awarded: January 2016

Project Duration: 3 years

Project Value:  $8,000,000

The Urgent Care Addition is the biggest project MDM Construction LLC has done as a General Contractor to date. This project is 5 level wing addition attached to the existing VA Medical Center. It is a full range, full scope building construction encompassing all areas from excavation, footings, and steel to finishes and air balancing. This wing will add additional rooms for patients and staff along with an expanded emergency room facility. The new additional will change the front main entrance of the VA Hospital and restructure road access routes.

As mentioned above, this projects covers all scopes of work one might expect in a new building project. There will be a great deal of medical equipment installations, safety/security systems, mechanical, elevators, plumbing, and electrical devices. The basement level will serve as additional space for maintenance department and medical supplies. A penthouse level will house the much of the mechanical equipment. For the emergency facility, a new garage area will be constructed for the ambulances.

As this project moved forward, as with all of our projects, a priority will be cleanliness and safety for both people inside and outside of the hospital. Access to parking and access inside the building will be a major key for MDM to keep people safe, and able to receive the treatment they need. Ground broke for the Urgent Care Addition in the summer of 2016.