Station Upgrades for Patient Access

Station Upgrades for Patient Access at the Sioux Falls VA Medical Center

Located: Sioux Falls, SD VA Hospital

Owner Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Contract Awarded: September 2015

Project Duration: 9 Months

Project Value: $1,578,120

Contractor Performance Assessment Report System (CPARs)

MDM Contraction LLC severed at the General Contractor for the exterior project with the Sioux Falls VA Medical Center. The goal of this project was to improve the facility’s ground to make entrances and parking lots more accessible. This project was done over 2 seasons of warm weather. The majority of the work involved concrete with sidewalks, roads, stairs, and parking lots.

Other tasks included demo of existing roads and sidewalks, rerouting utilities, grading for hills, seeding, and irrigation. Electric work items included installing a new vault, new light poles, and relocating electrical power boxes. Temporary roadways and parking were provided by MDM for continued use of the hospital during project duration.