ICU & Dialysis Remodel

Remodel for ICU and Dialysis at the Fargo VA Medical Center  

Located: Fargo, ND VA Hospital

Owner: Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Contract Awarded: February 2015

Project Duration: 2.5 years

Project Value: $3,505,000

Contractor Performance Assessment Report System (CPARs)

MDM Construction LLC serves as General Contractor for the phased remodeling of the existing ICU space.  The work commences with the renovation of a portion of Wing 3C allowing it to be used as a temporary ICU location.  Upon completion of the temporary ICU space, the existing ICU area and adjacent spaces are to be remodeled.  After the new ICU is completed, tested and functional, MDM Construction LLC and its team of subcontractors will remodel Wing 3C to contain the new dialysis and sleep study area, leaving the final phase of work to be completed.  This final phase will remodel the old dialysis area into a modern space.

The work includes demolition of existing building components, new wall construction, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, sprinklers, nurse call systems, medical gases, electrical and electronic systems all scheduled throughout the different phases of construction.

All work under this contract is considered especially sensitive to dust, dirt and noise as the adjacent space remains occupied and functioning during all phases of construction work.  MDM Construction LLC is comprehensive of the VA’s desire to continue to provide services to its customers with minimal disruption.