Building 1 Basement Remodel

Building 1 Basement Remodel at the Fargo VA Medical Center

Located: Fargo, ND VA Hospital

Owner: Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Contract Awarded: January 2016

Project Duration: 1 Year

Project Value: $2,215,000

Contractor Performance Assessment Report System (CPARs)

MDM Construction LLC is serving as the General Contractor for this remodel project. The area being remodeled is the lowest level of a new additional, Building 1, to the Fargo VA Center. The basement level was left as a dirt floor, save for a mechanical room already in place. The space is being constructed to be the new work space and offices for the VA’s maintenance shops. Storage, work spaces, locker room, and offices are all included with the remodel.  The project connects to the existing building and features both welding and medical gas stations along with explosion proof painting rooms.

The work scope includes new concrete flooring, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire suppression, masonry walls, medical gases, IRM, vinyl flooring, and acoustical ceiling tiles. All work to coordinate with connecting building and Building 1 construction in terms of HVAC and electrical systems.