Utilities Mains and Asphalt – Multiple Phases

Utility Mains and Asphalt at the Fargo VA Medical Center

Located: Fargo, ND VA Hospital

Owner: Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Contract Awarded: April 2015

Project Duration: 2 Years

Project Value: $4,078,500

Contractor Performance Assessment Report System (CPARs)

This project was awarded to MDM Construction LLC to be the General Contractor. The projects goal is to reroute and install new utility lines while redoing parking lot layouts and improvements.  This is multi-phased project to accommodate for the winter, other ongoing projects, and patients access. There are 9 phases in total over multiple years.

Work in these phases involved demo of parking lot, excavation, utility line relocation and installation. This involved numerous shutdowns and equipment coordination to keep the VA functioning and roadways available. Once utilities were in place, new concrete roads/sidewalks and paving/asphalt were completed to create the new parking lots. Traffic was rerouted and temporary space was created to keep access for patients and staff at the VA.