Boiler Plant

Boiler Plant Replacement at the Fargo VA Medical Center

Located: Fargo, ND VA Hospital

Owner: Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Contract Awarded: August 2019

Project Duration: 2 Years

Project Value: $11,265,000

The Boiler Plant Replacement is the largest project MDM has done the Fargo VA to date. MDM will be providing all temporary facilities to maintain boiler operations to all VA Campus buildings and facilities. Two boiler trailers and a control trailer will be supplied to accomplish this before shutting down the Boiler Plant for a full-scale replacement and upgrade. Four new boilers will be installed to improve and upgrade the VA’s operations and capabilities.

The Boiler Plant itself will also be remodeled with new flooring, utilizes, piping, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, locker rooms, office, and all new equipment. Additional structural steel, catwalks, and exteriors improvements such as bollards, masonry, and entrances will be constructed as well. MDM will carry the project to completion with commissioning, training, and a longer warranty period. Once the new boiler systems are in place, MDM will switch the VA to the new system and remove all temporary facilities.

As this project moved forward, as with all of our projects, a priority will be cleanliness and safety for both people inside and outside of the hospital. Keeping the site safe with the heavy and large equipment going in and out of the building is a priority. Access to and through the VA hospital will be maintained so the Veterans being served can remain safe and keep receiving their needed quality of care.